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I know this isn’t the direction we were going in, but isn’t this shrug sweet and refreshing?

Maeve by Carrie Bostick Hoge.

Pros: Unique, easy to pair with dresses, fills a different need in the wardrobe, really pretty sleeve details.

Cons: Do we want to own this?

I’m getting an excited feeling about this one.  

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picklesandleftsocks asked: Would u ever do commission knitting bc I have two sweaters that are no longer available anywhere that I would pay good money to custom make

Short answer: yes, I would consider it. I would love to handknit a sweater for someone who really wants it and appreciates it. I would be interested to work with someone whose willing to discuss the possibilities.

Long answer: most people don’t know what they’re asking when they request handknit items. As you can see, that Rainbow sweater took 24 straight days of knitting. I knit while walking, hiking and during dinner parties. I knit that sweater because I knew I would be able to finish it while on a 6 week vacation. Now that I’m back to normal life, school and work, a sweater would take me much much longer.

Also, the yarn for the sweater cost me $150. Just the yarn. This is why most commission items require money up front. So you already know the sweater will automatically be more than $150.

Let’s do a little crude math. If I charged minimum wage for the hours I worked on that sweater (I’m assuming I worked 6 hours a day on it, I didn’t keep close track) at $7.50 an hour, that would rack up to just over $1,000. Add the yarn and that’s $1,150.

Charging minimum wage per hour is too ensure that I can earn a living income, feed myself and keep the lights on, while I am knitting you that sweater. If every sweater took 24 days, that is almost an entire month (Most take longer). $1,000 per month isn’t exactly high-living, thats less than my monthly bills now. And if I stopped going to work so I could sit all day and be nothing but a knitting machine, that would be my only income.

I’m not saying I would charge you $1,000. I’m saying that’s what it SHOULD cost. Charging less than that would be like charity. Also, knitting a custom sweater would take time. It could take one month to three months to knit - it would require patience.

There’s a reason they invented knitting machines. Haha. If you are still interested in requesting a custom sweater, please let me know. We can at least discuss it.